Seddon Archives

An audio walk for one.

Seddon Archives: part audio-walk, part installation and part performance, is a contemplation of the connections between time, place, event and memory. Equipped with headphones and an mp3 player as their guide, participants walk unaccompanied through Seddon’s streets immersed in a sound world that uncannily knits the present with the past, fact with fiction, and memory with imagination. Created in part from interviews with local residents and in part from a range of field recordings which have been processed, cut up, and rearranged; pre-recorded sounds intermingle with the here-and-now, memory and imagination merge, fact blurs with fiction, and time and place are uncannily reconfigured. Quiet streets are layered with recollections both strange and familiar, and unassuming doorways are suddenly imbued with the sense of what may lie behind.

Seddon Archives was created for the Big West Festival 2011


Creator/Director: Tamara Saulwick
Audio Designer: Peter Knight  
Visual Artist: Susan Purdy 
Performer: Rachael Dyson-McGregor


Photos: Tirese Ballard