Nominated for 'Outstanding Hybrid Work'  Green Room Award  2013.

'Public explores the porous borders between public and private behaviour, and is the most sophisticated, not to mention enjoyable, work I've seen in this vein since Back to Back's Small Metal Objects.'  Cameron Woodhead, The Age 

'Public is one of the most interesting, unusual and complex shows I’ve seen all year.'  Sian Prior, CultureClub


Concept/direction:Tamara Saulwick

Sound design: Luke Smiles

Dramaturgy: Martyn Coutts

Performance and devising: Nicola Gunn, Tom Davies, Rachael Dyson-McGregor, Diana Nguyen

System design: Nick Roux


PUBLIC is an audio-led hybrid performance event, which interrogates the nature of public space and intimacy. Located in a shopping centre food court, it explores the unspoken boundaries between public & private, and the protocols surrounding watching & being watched. It examines the tensions arising from our need to be with others, and also to be alone. In a shopping centre food-court the audience members, equipped with wireless headphones, experience a multidimensional audio design that frames, augments, & disrupts their perceptions of the environment. 

Live performers work in conjunction with and in counterpoint to audio & site – their activities at first indistinguishable from the activities of people around them, become increasingly performative & declared. As the work unfolds the audience members wearing wireless headphones are gradually woven into the logic of the event. The demarcation between audience, performers & the public are destabilised. Questions arise: Who is watching whom? Who is performing now? Who is the real audience? Gently & incrementally PUBLIC reconfigures the public space and the conventions that govern it.

PUBLIC premiered at the Big West Festival 2013

PUBLIC has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory board and supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria. Thanks also go to Big West Festival and The GPT Group for their support.

Please contact Freya Waterson for further information regarding touring, technical specifications and availability.