map folding for beginners

map folding for beginners is an exploration of the interplay between the live and the mediated body and voice. It explores themes of multiplicity and choice. A highly visual and layered work, map folding for beginners, depicts the two intersecting narratives of two distinctly different women.

After many years working as a collaborator in projects lead by other artists or collective processes, map folding for beginners (2001) was Tamara's first work created under her own name.  Its creation provided an opportunity to draw upon and coalesce a diverse history of interdisciplinary practice.






Creation/performance Tamara Saulwick

Direction David Pledger 

Choreography Trudy Radburn with Tamara Saulwick 

Set design/construction Simon Fisher 

Sound design Lydia Teychenne with Tamara Saulwick

Costume Danielle Harrison 

Light design Amy Wee