Adaptations and documentation for radio

A number of Tamara's live performance works have been adapted or documented for radio. 

ENDINGS-190 copy.jpg

Endings - Adaptation for radio

Adapted from the acclaimed live theatre work, Endings employs portable turntables, reel-to-reel tape players, recorded interviews, and song to find form for experiences both ordinary and extraordinary that cluster around death, dying and afterlife.

Adapted for ABC Radio National's Soundproof by Tamara Saulwick & Peter Knight in consulation with Miyuki Jokiranta.

Chamber Made Opera_PERMISSION TO SPEAK 9_Web_Gian Slater, Edward Fairlie, Georgie Darvidis, Josh Kyle.jpg

Permission to Speak - Radio documentation of live performance

ABC Classic FM recording of live performacne of Chamber Made Opera's Permission to Speak in its premiere season at Arts House, November 2016.

In this program you'll hear a live recording of Permission to Speak, combining a capella choruses, personal stories and voices, and subtle vocal-electronic soundscapes, to tell stories of what is often left unspoken. You'll also hear Saulwick, Neal and sound designer Jethro Woodward in conversation with Stephen Adams about the thinking and processes behind this distinctive work.


Pin Drop - Adaptation for radio

We enter a world where dangers real and imagined play out in a layered landscape of memories. We encounter a work that forces us as listeners to hold our collective breath.  A world that evokes a sense of threat, in a range of circumstances. A work that draws us into a physical response to its emotional worlds.

Adapted for ABC Radio National's Sound. Music. Word. by Tamara Saulwick & Peter Knight. This radio version of the work is accompanied by an interview with the artists about the intent of the piece and their process of construction.