She blinks against the bright light then steps away … what remains is a glowing imprint of the woman’s form. It is as if her shadow has been peeled from her body. She had been mid-sentence. Now she has lost her bearings. An unopened present lies on the floor. imprint traces the strands of narrative that lead to this particular moment in this woman’s life.

What is left of you in the moment that once took you without you even noticing, did its arms hold you there, did it mourn your departure?

imprint is a place of memory traps and psychological mappings.


Concept/Direction/Design: Tamara Saulwick

Performance: Penny Baron, Fiona Roake, Laura Sheedy

Video: Simon Ellis

Sound: Santha Press

Light: Niklas Pajanti

Text: Martine Murray



imprint as presented at Dancehouse for their Mixed Metaphor season (2005)