Repurposing the omnipresent portable device, Alter is an audio-visual installation for 16 iPads and 16 people in a delicate meditation on invisible systems and interconnectedness. Bodies, light and space are threaded together in this intimate sensory encounter. Created by Tamara Saulwick in collaboration with Peter Knight, Martyn Coutts and Steve Berrick, Alter creates a pocket in time for the act of collective listening and contemplation.

Alter was commissioned by Arts House as part of the Australia Council's Digital Theatre Initiative and premiered at the 2016 Festival of Live Art.


Concept/creation/visuals: Tamara Saulwick                                 Composition: Peter Knight                                                        Dramaturgy: Martyn Coutts                                                                System design: Steve Berrick                                                                         Film footage: Scott Morrison & Tamara Saulwick